What is SilverPlug

SilverPlug® is the first medical device designed and approved to fill up the implant tunnel. SilverPlug® is a silver based polymer containing SILVER ZEOLITE with high antibacterial effect. SilverPlug® considerably reduces the percentage of the anaerobic bacteria that results the most pathogenic bacteria for peri-implants tissues.

The reduction of bacteria contamination preserves surrounding soft tissue from inflammatory processes.


  • Solid and easy to manipulate
  • Easy to compress for perfect filling the implant tunnel
  • The Silverplug acts whithout any releasing chemicals
  • Easy to insert and to remove in and from the tunnel

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How does the silver zeolite work?

Silver is widely used as antiseptic agent in medical topical gels and dressing to reduce the bio burden and improve the healing of wound infection (Wilkinson et al. 2011).
A recent preliminary study reported the potential effect of a silver-based gum (SilverPlug®) on reducing the total bacterial amount and the percentage of anaerobic bacteria in the inner space of the fixture (Rasperini et al. 2012).


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