SilverPlug the silver seal

SilverPlug, thanks to its shape and its elastic consistency, perfectly adapts to the abutment tunnel of each implant system. SilverPlug is solid and easy to manipulate.
You can quickly insert and remove SilverPlug in and from the tunnel.

You can use SilverPlug to seal the tunnel of screw retained crowns, abutments or Toronto.
SilverPlug doesn’t release any chemicals. SilverPlug considerably reduces the percentage of the anaerobic bacteria in the peri-implant tissues.

After sealing the tunnel with SilverPlug, you can plug the access hole with any composite or proceed with cementation of the crown with any temporary or definitive cement.

SilverPlug is a medical device intended to seal the implant tunnel. Thanks to its chemicals, SilverPlug remains inaltered. The reduction of bacteria contamination preserves the soft tissue from mucositis, the first step towards the periimplantitis.

SilverPlug reduces mucositis.
The antibacterial action of silver helps to eliminate the inflammation around the implant, which usually occurs after loading and is the main cause of bone loss.

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