Partner Program

Our Goal is to support dental professionals with innovative specialist solutions.
Our goal is to grow into a global company with our partners.


We offer two solutions for our partner:

  1. Distributor Program
  2. Private Labeling Program

Distributor Program

We developed SilverPlug® with reliable quality, study support to be a innovative solution and door opener for the dental industry.

Our innovative, simplified manufacturing technique allows innovation from the beginning. Visit our clinical information and product detals on our webside and see our added values for clinics and detal professionals. Introdution of SilverPlug® to the world dental society is our responsibilty and if you are interested in Silverplug® introduction as dealer / agent or distributor please contact us:

Privat Labeling Program

In addition to our distributorship program, SilverPlug® offers another option for private labeling with industry leasers in the dental industry. Our innovative product will give you a unique differentiation possibility and marketing option. Visit our product information as well as our clinical studies to see our benefits for users. If you are interested in a private labeling, please contact us:

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